Samstag, 25. Juli 2009

To all Chigagoans out there!

So, I found the following on Facebook and now I'd love to know the 'answears' or at least some explanations. So in case you know any, tell me asap.

You know you're a Chicagoan if...

  1. You know what the Hillside strangler is.
  2. You can name three or four extra taxes nobody else pays.
  3. You know the difference between Richard J Daley and Richard M Daley. (both of them have been mayor, right?)
  4. You can use two or three Daleyisms in context.
  5. You can imitate the Mayor's whine.
  6. Da is a proper definite article.
  7. You expect corruption in local politics.
  8. You go to the Dells (?) in the summer to get away from the other 20 thousand that followed you.
  9. You guard your shoveled parking space with an old chair and unusable broom. (do people really do that? =] )
  10. You know dead people who voted.
  11. You've never ever considered the idea of hiring non-union laborers.
  12. You know a good gyros joint.
  13. You know what Giordanos, Lou Malnati's, and Gino's have in common.
  14. You know when the last time the Cubs won a pennant.
  15. You know exactly how many cars are "legally" allowed to turn left after the light turns red.
  16. You don't know which ethnic "fest" to choose on any given Summer weekend.
  17. Your idea of relaxing and getting away from it all is Ravinia (with 10,000 others who have the same idea).
  18. You consider paying someone to watch your car at a sporting event as just another "city tax."
  19. You have two favorite football teams: The Bears, and anyone who beats the Packers! (WHY???)
  20. You buy "The Trib"
  21. You think 35 degrees is great weather to wash your car!
  22. You know what goes on a Chicago Style Hot Dog
  23. You know what Chicago Style Pizza REALLY is
  24. You understand what "lake-effect" means
  25. You know the difference between Amtrak and Metra, and know which station they end up at. You have ridden the "L"
  26. You can distinguish between the following area codes: 847,630,773,708, 312, & 815
  27. You know what the phone number is to Empire Carpet!
  28. Your favorite melody to hum is "Bang,Bang,Bang-Skeet,Skeet,Skeet!"
  29. You faithfully attended Lil Louis parties at The Bismarck.
  30. You are STILL a Bulls fan........
  31. You think kicking it outside of White Castles parking lot, (79th and Stony Island) is the "Freak Nik"
  32. You have a picture of Harold Washington in your kitchen, living room, family room or basement.
  33. You have ever waited in line at Home of the Hoagy on 111th for 30-45 minutes for a steak samich wit cheese
  34. You have ever been to the Tiki Room lounge in Hyde Park
  35. You have Y made a special trip downtown because you had a craving for Garrett's caramel and cheese popcorn.
  36. What!!! We don`t get a Fifty? Oh yeah.... ( i really don't get it - I tried.)
  37. It's January and you see someone's kitchen chair in the street, and you know that if you're a responsible citizen and bring it back to the sidewalk you will be shot on sight
  38. You don't flinch when you pay the fifth toll of your 45-minute car ride on the highway
  39. You know Lincoln Towing is Satan incarnate.
  40. You've paid $105 for towing, $30 for more than one "street cleaning" ticket, $58 for a city vehicle sticker, and $70 for a license plate sticker -- and chalk it all up to "neighborhood taxes."
  41. You've taken the Red Line past the point where all white people get off and all black people get on -- or vice versa.
  42. You've cursed at a cyclist, pedestrian, or in-line skater on the lakefront path.
  43. You know the significance of State and Madison.
  44. You wonder if the fries will taste the same at Sammy Sosa's Restaurant.
  45. You're not ashamed of wearing a big fur Russian hat, or a headsock with one hole in it, in public from November through March.
  46. When you refer to "LSD" you don't necessarily mean the drug
  47. You still claim that the Sears Tower is the tallest skyscraper in the world
  48. Peter. Francis. Geraci.
Chicagoans - let me know what you think!

Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009


Heya, all of you!
I know, this really doesn't affect any of you, still, it'd be great if you guys would help me out.
Friends of mine would really love to play at Frequency Festival on 'Open Stage', so if you've got any time - go to
Go to Line Up, Open Stage and then press the "VOTE" button and vote for my besties:


Here's their Myspace page:

And here's a nice picture of them boys: