Mittwoch, 8. September 2010

Love you till the end plus firework.

Wanna know the most awkward, embarrassing ex-bf story EVER?!

You've been warned.

So, I'm sure a lot of you have seen the movie "PS: I love you". No? Cheesy chick flick but so sad and touching and although Gerry, the male protagonist, dies, it is full of hope and also it helped me to cope with everything when I was really distressed at some point in my life.

Anyway, when I first saw the movie, I watched it with my now ex-boyfriend, Robert.
Back then - yes that is a couple of years ago - I was pretty much in love with him [Don't ask me why ^^ He is like the strangest guy on earth, I will post about that...], and when I saw that movie and how much Gerry loved his wife Holly and how he tried to still give her all of his love even though he already had passed away, that really touched me especially in the lovesick mood I was in back then and I wanted to be my relationship just like that ^^ [rrrrriiiiiighhhhtttt...]

One important part of that movie is the song "Love you till the end" by The Pogues - it's really a tremendously great song.
And to be honest ... I WANTED THAT SONG TO BE 'OUR' SONG ^^ [rrrrrriiiiiiiighhhhhhhttttt...]

A few weeks after watching that movie with Robert, he calls me in the middle of the night and this is what he told me:
"Guess what", he said.
"What, what is it?! It's in the middle of the goddamn night!"
"So, I was just sitting on my balcony with Meinhard..."
Meinhard is his best buddy. If I didn't know exactly that Robert is straight, then I would say he's definitly gay and in love with Meinhard. Those guys are like the weirdest thing ever. They touch each other, rub each other against themselves, talk dirty to each other, are in a band together and they tattle just like girls... Now to be honest, I've never been a fan of Meinhard. He is a punk, coming from a rich family background, though. He'd always try to mooch a ciggie or some food from friends. And he is generally so ...LOUD. Like really loud and annoying and noisy and when he's around it seems like there is no space for you, because he has such an ... 'overwhelming personality'.
And I was like "Ok, what did you guys do? What happened?!"
And Robert goes on, "Nothing, just listen. So we are sitting at the balcony, eating cookies and smoking and drinking beer, while listening to an album from The Pogues. Remember that song from that movie? 'Love you till the end'?"
I was like "Yeah?" Like really hoping that destiny wanted this to be our song ...
"Yeah well, it came on, and then Meinhard and I looked at each other, laughing because it's such a cheesy song, and suddenly there was a FIREWORK! A really nice one. And this song was playing in the background. And we were laughing so hard. I mean how cliché is that? THAT love song *and* a firework?!?! So Meinhard and I decided that this was gonna be like 'our song'. You know? Isn't that funny?"

... Yeah, it was so funny that I almost had to cry ^^

Dienstag, 17. August 2010

Just wondering...

how people would react if I just dissappeard from one day to the next. Alex Supertramp - I feel you! Leaving everything behind and not caring about shit and all those crappy people seems like a nice choice to me now. Cancelling everything, throwing the cell into a river, deleting every social network you're on. Donating all money you've got left. I'd maybe leave some letters for those people I really care for and some notes about what I *really* think for those who are giving me this shitty time.

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

Lights will guide you home.

Top 5 songs that make me cry.

Coldplay - Fix you.
The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris.
Amanda Marshall - I believe in you.
Ryan Adams - Come pick me up.
Paramore - The only exception.

Montag, 29. März 2010

This song simply gives me goosebumps.

Love the song lyrics. I never looked at Karma that way. "You wish you had somebody that would come and make it right."

Plus, the video is just great. I don't wanna know how much they spent on it. But hey: Scarlett Johansson, a big car crash, the background dancers... love it. You really hate that bitch when she cheats on him, but the end is just... heavy.

And last but not least: I really really like JT's look in that video. The hair, the beard, the tattoos and the white singlet >_< very enjoyable.

Dienstag, 23. März 2010


Haha, I love my course on 80's movies. Here's my 'homework'

*wild at heart.
*the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover.
*the Hunger (DAVID BOWIEEEEE :D).
*lost Boys.
*vincent (loved it. burton ftw).
*the singing detective.
*the rules of attraction.
*the great rock'n'roll swindle.
*24 hour party people.
*back to the future.
*bill & ted's excellent adventure.
*flash gordon (xDDDD).
*permanent vacation.
*top gun (urgh, why are men so obsessed with that movie?).
*blade runner.
*angel heart.
*withnail and I.
*rocky 4 (clearly not gonna watch this).
*dead men don't wear plaid.
*weird science.
*the breakfast club.
*wall street.
*the company of wolves.
*the element of crime.

Donnerstag, 18. März 2010

Hello sunshine!

Due to the nice weather outside I decided to put some "good mood" - music on my mp3. That would be:

Panic! at the disco - I write sins not tragedies.
Amerie - One thing.
Busted - Crashed the wedding.
Cute is what we aim for - Curse of curves.
Arctic Monkeys - Dancing shoes.
Kate Nash - The shit song.
Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance.
Sugar Ray - When it's over.
The Beatles - Here comes the sun.
The Kooks - Sofa Song.

Also, already on my mp3 and considered "good mood" music:
> Nelly - Dilemma
> Beyoncé - Dejá vú
> The Black Eyed Peas - Dirty Dancing
> Robin Thicke - Everything I can't have
> The Faders - No sleep 2night

Samstag, 13. März 2010

Here are my latest book treasures.

Edgar Allen Poe - a collection of his tales.
Vergil - Aeneis.
Heinrich Harrer - Seven years in Tibet.
Thomas H. Cook - The Interrogation.
Friedrich Dürrenmatt - Der Besuch der alten Dame.
Karl von Wetzky - Die besten Ehewitze.
George W. Bushisms. The slate book of accidental wit and wisdom of our forty-third President. [hell, yeah, can't wait for this one ^^]
Stefan Zweig - Marie Antoinette.
Paulo Coelho - Maktub.
Terry Greenhough - Friend of Pharaoh.
Elisabetta Severina - Quarantatare.
Egmont Colerus - Marco Polo.
Henry Miller - Tropic of cancer.
M.V. Martial - Römischer Witz.
Jeff Rovin - The Game.
Pons dictionary: italian/german; german/italian.
Jerry Cotton: Süßer tod in heißen Nächten.
Sindbad der Seefahrer.
Polly Adler - Überleben 2009 (with autograph!!!)
Tina Caspari - Bille und Zottel.
National Geographic: Under Rome.
Rudolf René Gebhardt - Ägypten.
Kleine Bettlektüre für den gefühlvollen Krebs.
AND last but not least:
34 x Verbotene Liebe: Erotische Erzählungen von Poe, Boccaccio, Wilde etc.

Dienstag, 9. März 2010

It takes two & the Cardinals.

I totally forgot how crazy I am about Ryan Adams.

If you take me back
Back to your place
I'll try not to bother you I promise
'Cause it's cold in here
And I wish it was hot
The sink's broke, it's leaking from the faucet

And i'm fractured from the fall
And i wanna go home

But it takes two when it used to take one
It takes two when it used to take only one

Well, my money's no good when i'm up to no good
No good ever comes from it, honest
I got a really good heart
I just can't catch a break
If i could i'd treat you like you wanted me to i promise

But i'm fractured from the fall
And i wanna go home
I'm fractured from the fall
And i wanna go home

But it takes two when it used to take one
It takes two when it used to take one
It takes two when it used to take one
It takes two when it used to take only one

[2x] Top 5 Songs

... to speak in "High Fidelity"-terms.
Those are the songs that are on my MP3-Player right now, meaning: I listen to them all the time, they're with me whereever I go and if you hear me humming a song, it's probably gonna be one of those:

1.) Macy Gray - I try
2.) Panic! at the disco - That green gentleman
3.) Ryan Adams - Two {woah, I simply adore this song. Ryan Adams is one of the best songwriters ever. "And I'm fractured from the fall." Love it.}
4.) Shonen Knife - Top of the world {Best song to listen to in the morning!}
5.) Sportfreunde Stiller - Alles Roger
6.) The Hoosiers - Worried about Ray
7.) Pixie Lott - Boys and Girls {"Turn it on, make it strong, a good beat never hurt no-one."}
8.) The DNC - Swing baby swing
9.) David Bowie - Golden years {The song from 'A knight's tale'}
10.) Eros Ramazotti - Dove c'e musica